Oopsie Daisy
Hello! Thanks for visiting. c:

This will mainly be a glorified doodle dump. Commissions are currently open.

-muffled smooth criminal plays in background-

After having been considering it for a very long time indeed, I’ve finally summoned up the confidence to actually do it. As from now, I am taking commissions on this blog.

I’m leaving details under the cut. Thank you! c:

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It was kind of fun to draw some brightly coloured things for a change. I wanted to draw a more modern looking angel, as most of mine are dumb guys n’ gals in white suits. Pastel clothes seemed logical idk someone stop me

Ehhh I’ve taken better pictures in my life. I’ll probably replace this with one done in better lighting but for now this’ll do I suppose

For my GCSE art project on Fragments; I decided to smoosh various creatures together and one of the end results is this abomination. A lot of the detail is lost here unfortunately, but hopefully I’ll uploaded one of my coloured versions soon. C8


Training is hard man

It’s the first time in ages where I’ve been able to doodle freely and I decide to do crap like this what is wrong with me

Aka sentient freckled brick

Now what I don’t understand is the lack of art of him dorking over the monarchy

Zzzzzzz it’s late

Centaurs are my favourite

I tried out the shrimp method on horses a day or so ago and, while my bodies are still super wonky, I’m happier with their basic structure I guess


Good sir how in the sweet hell does your face work