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This is p much a glorified doodle dump. Feel free to send an ask or anything, I'm always open to chat! Commissions are currently open.

vague binary tool bert… Looks dumb but it was fun to do

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Leon -  sgtsteffi
Rain - cosmicshenanigans

don’t listen to your dad you can be a warrior. You can hang out with all the cool humans


Beanie Bobble Bertl


Quick lil doodle of Marco Snakebutt. I couldn’t resist this AU nagas are just so great. He wasn’t meant to look this ‘come hither’ tho weeps quietly

I thought that I could render scales… I was so young and naive back then…

Werewolf therapist girl. Her skin is a real fish belly white and freckley so it reflects the sunlight and blinds all her enemies.
Her hometown was really strict on the paranormal. Her species, for example, were kept under lock and key during full moons so they would not cause any trouble. Ironically, this only worsened the situation, and gradually due to the loss of freedom their werewolf forms grew more and more monstrous and rage fuelled, until the person no longer had control of themselves.
Though Rebekka has long moved away from there, otherwise living a normal life and passing her studies, her werewolf form is still incredibly dangerous, making her somewhat of an agoraphobe; she doesn’t want to hurt anyone.

I love my markers so much. I love colours so much. I still need a lot of practice with them, especially with this style, but I do like how this came out ahh /)w(\

Relapsed back into layton mode last night and I doodled a lot. Mainly Dimitri’s stupid hair though



After having been considering it for a very long time indeed, I’ve finally summoned up the confidence to actually do it. As from now, I am taking commissions on this blog.


I’m leaving details under the cut. Thank you! c:

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