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Hello! Thanks for visiting. c:

This is p much a glorified doodle dump. Feel free to send an ask or anything, I'm always open to chat! Commissions are currently open.


After having been considering it for a very long time indeed, I’ve finally summoned up the confidence to actually do it. As from now, I am taking commissions on this blog.


I’m leaving details under the cut. Thank you! c:

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Giving sculptris a whirl, here. Watch as squidward turns into a vague human being wow incredible

I don’t know how I messed up so bad on the first picture; all I wanted was a jawline was that too much to ask

-wheezes- Makes more angel characters…

Probably going to redesign them a lot more as I’m not really happy with their appearance at all… I had post apocalypse angels in mind when I started but in order to slot it into my other OCs’ verse they’re some sort of guardian angel that works in very poor, very conflict fuelled regions of the world. 8L

I’m getting so lazy with wings lately, forgive me.

Got back from holiday recently so naturally my first course of action was to draw a faun smoking in some incredibly vague surroundings

Team BRAs from the car

Stupid sketchy ready jeany



I could have drawn anything today, and yet

Cutesey sketch commission for flutterstark
These two are hard to draw